Available Now - PROJECT VITA: A Diverse & Genre-Breaking Short Story Collection

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Introducing PROJECT VITA: A Diverse & Genre-Breaking Short Story Collection Hitting Shelves on May 11th

Marking the end of nearly a lifelong journey, PROJECT VITA, an ambitious and fresh take on the short story medium, is about to hit store shelves for both paperback and Kindle. Featuring seven short stories wholly unique to their genres, yet tethered through personal and indicative clues, Project Vita is the entire culmination for me as a writer, publishing for the first time the ideas, characters and stories that keep me up at night. It's been a wild experience that I am so happy will be realized in 2019 with the official publication. Finally releasing officially on Amazon just yesterday on the Kindle Store, it will be sold for $5.99 for its Kindle edition and $7.99 for the physical paperback edition. Click here for the Kindle edition and stay tuned for the paperback edition!

The official cover for the book can be found below.



Utilizing stunning work, the cover for the book will be synonymous across all its planned publication mediums, including Kindle and paperback.

These are bold and innovative short stories that have garnered notable critical acclaim. Jack Magnus for Reader’s Favourite says short story “Impulse” of Project Vita is “a darkly compelling work that focuses on an aspect of World War II history that few care to visit.” When speaking about the entire collection, Magnus acclaims the anthologyas a “tale that captures that horror and…is poignant and powerful.” Project Vita is a Reader’s Favourite five-star winner!

Project Vita is truly the defining chapter for my accomplishments as a writer. It's an absolute dream come true, and if you have been a faithful and loyal reader of HBB Reviews, I ask you if you would consider to read the book. Multiple giveaways will be hosted to award free copies to some of the website's biggest fans and readers. Please be on the lookout for more information regarding those giveaways and pre-order links for the book itself.

Thanks to every colleague, PR representative, teacher, friend, family member who has propelled me to this goal. I've truly had a fantastic time writing and composing the stories in a lyrical fashion. It's the work that I am easily most proud of and I hope you will read Project Vita, available now on the Kindle Store.