Bloodshot Review: A Dimly Average Ride with Vin Diesel

Image Courtesy of Sony Pictures (Screenshot from BLOODSHOT)

Bloodshot, one of the latest films to hit the VOD market early amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, stars Vin Diesel in a passably entertaining ride that features a dully constructed character named Ray Garrison who is shot dead along with his wife only to be resurrected by a group of scientists through the use of nanotechnology leaving him with little to no memory of his past life. Ray tries to hunt his wife's murderer and kill that person with the little memory he has but eventually realizes that there is more to his death than what he originally thought.

Bloodshot holds nothing back by immediately plunging into the story with only a little bit of exposition and shows his entirely new life within ten minutes of the opening credits. The rest of the movie follows suit with its fast pacing without overwhelming the audience with the amount of action that is occurring. The editing, on the other hand, is something to be criticized. The amount of slow-motion within the movie makes the audience lose their focus as those scenes are drawn out to an unbearable amount of time. Likewise, the fight scenes contained within the movie were also heavily drawn out and could have ended within a span of a minute rather than the amount of time allocated to them in the actual film. Even for its glaring flaws, the film is structured in a way that demographics of all kinds can surely digest, a trait that will surely make it a hit with general audiences. But for all its glaring flaws, Bloodshot botches its characters, despite the roster having been played immensely well by the actors.

In the majority of the film, Bloodshot, whose real name is Ray Garrison, seemed overpowered thus making any obstacle he had to overcome become a very low stakes situation and didn’t necessarily pique the audience’s interest. Even in the final fight between him and the main antagonist, it was expected that Garrison would win because the audience knew he would be able to recover from his injuries at the end of the day. The antagonist, Dr. Emil Harting, had several character designs as well. From the beginning of the movie, the head scientist, Harting, was obviously going to be the main villain.

Image Courtesy of Sony Pictures (Screenshot from BLOODSHOT)

Although the movie tried to implement the element of surprise by announcing who would be the antagonist towards the middle of the film, it failed miserably by making it obvious to the audience from the beginning. The supporting characters had most of the action, making the audience forget that the main character is actually Ray. KT and Wiggins take most of the risk upon themselves trying to save Garrison simultaneously taking away the spotlight from the title character. This would not have been a severe problem had the movie not advertised itself as a movie about Bloodshot since the characters go through lots of conflict making them very interesting characters overall. The biggest flaw with the characters is that they were nowhere near dynamic. Throughout the film, none of the characters changed and all their personalities remained flat. Overall, the characters could be heavily improved and a rewrite in their designs may make the film worthwhile.

Image Courtesy of Sony Pictures (Screenshot from BLOODSHOT)

Finally, the sets and backgrounds throughout the movies are something to be commended. The visuals were stunning and would make any viewer sit at the edge of their seats. The visuals alone make the movie even more interesting as their numerous different settings which intrigue the audience. Every scene contained a different background and the way the nanotechnology was presented throughout the film was amazing. One should watch this movie, if not for the plot, but the scenery alone. If not for the respectable cast and gorgeous sets, the movie would be less than compared to its other superhero counterparts. But while it remains safely above average, it isn’t an easily recommendable feature, particularly for the premium price tag attached to it via the VOD platforms.

Image Courtesy of Sony Pictures (Screenshot from BLOODSHOT)

Ray Garrison, an elite soldier who was killed in battle, is brought back to life by an advanced technology that gives him the ability of super human strength and fast healing. With his new abilities, he goes after the man who killed his wife, or at least, who he believes killed his wife. He soon comes to learn that not everything he learns can be trusted. The true question is: Can he even trust himself?

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