Borderlands 3 Makes a Big Splash at #DragonCon2019

A Massive Standee for Borderlands 3 Photo Ops (Photo Copyright: Charlie Jin)

When the list of countless of exhibitors was revealed for this year’s Dragon-Con, one particular name stood out above all others: 2K Interactive. Best known for their ownership of the Borderlands franchise, attendees were excited to see what the massive publishing company could bring to the now legendary convention. Perhaps open booths to play a pre-release build of Borderlands 3? Perhaps a cosplay competition for the so-inclined? Perhaps even photo opportunities? Or perhaps more than just one thing? Yes, Dragon-Con 2019 attendees unfortunately weren’t able to actually play the game, but what they got was perhaps just as exciting.

Screenshot of Borderlands 3 (Image Courtesy of 2K)

Including an entire booth where fans could take photos in front of a green screen and be literally transported into the world of Borderlands, there’s no denying that 2K and Borderlands 3 came to Dragon-Con 2019 to make a big splash. Listed as one of the convention’s official partners, 2K perhaps had one of the biggest booths of the entire exhibit hall: a mighty feat indeed. In addition to photo ops, 2K representatives also had a massive cosplay opportunity for the very best of cosplayers to receive recognition for their artistic genius and creativity.

Upon completing either the photo ops or the cosplay contest or for just any passing attendee, fans were treated to an impressive collection of swag and merchandise. From a wearable replica of the iconic Borderlands mask to a collection of gorgeous posters to even free digital goodies for when the game finally launches, attendees were more than delighted to exit the exhibit hall with such a suite of goods for the eventual launch of the game on September 13th, 2019 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and for PC via the Epic Games Store.

Screenshot of Borderlands 3 (Image Courtesy of 2K)


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