Box Office Report (January 4-6): AQUAMAN Continues to Triumph, ESCAPE ROOM Opens Moderately

Following a fantastic holiday season with major, blockbuster releases such as BUMBLEBEE, SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, MARY POPPINS RETURNS, and AQUAMAN, the first weekend of January has always served as a leftovers feast, so audiences can pick out what they missed at the cinema over the Christmas and New Years break. And outside of one major release in ESCAPE ROOM, it appears audiences flocked to James Wan's interpretation of AQUAMAN, marking the film's third weekend of triumph. It became the highest grossing DC Extended Universe film worldwide, topping the total grosses of BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE with its current totals of 940 million. And with its pace, the film is expected to cross the coveted billion dollar mark in the coming weeks before the release of GLASS, which will crush and transform the box office truly into 2019.

At the top of the charts, for the third weekend in the row was AQUAMAN with a 30.7 million in its third weekend. From its opening weekend to its third, this is only a 43.7% decrease and from its second weekend ending up as 41.1%. This is the smallest drop for the entire DC Extended Universe, topping WONDER WOMAN. Domestically, the film has hit 259 million and worldwide, as previously mentioned, hit an astounding 940 million. For a film that faced so much doubt leading up to its release, this financial result is nothing short of incredible. And it seems that it will keep on churning for studio and distributor Warner Bros Pictures. AQUAMAN is playing in theaters now.

In second place was the debut of the new horror PG-13 flick, ESCAPE ROOM. Receiving moderate reviews from critics and a below average reception from audiences with a "B" CinemaScore, the film opened far better than expected with its 18 million opening weekend. It debuted in 2,717 theaters, and with just a mere 9 million production budget, this debut should bring splendid smiles to distributor Sony Pictures' face. But in the coming weeks, it may fade out of sight due to the looming threat of M. Night Shamalayn's GLASS. ESCAPE ROOM is in theaters.

Ranked third for the weekend is the proven holiday holdover MARY POPPINS RETURNS. After a soft debut of 22 million, it's held remarkably well, seemingly due to the strong word of mouth, judging by its "A-" CinemaScore and its multiple nominations at the Golden Globes. However, despite reaching 138.7 million domestically and 257 million, it doesn't seem to be just in the profitable area yet, as the marketing and production budget combined totals are just out of reach. But if these impressive holds continue over the next few weekends, then the slightly imposed challenge should be easily accomplished. MARY POPPINS RETURNS is playing in theaters now.

Closing out our report is newly Golden Globes-crowned film SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, which took home the award of Best Animated Feature at the ceremony. After an initial disappointingly large hold in its second weekend, the film has propelled back with a hold this weekend of 30.8% in its 3,419 theaters. Domestically, the film has hit 133 million and worldwide is just 25 million away from 300 million. SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE is playing in theaters now.