Braveland Trilogy for Nintendo Switch Game Review

Thanks to Uber Strategies for Supplying a Copy for the Purposes of Review.

Image Courtesy of Uber Strategies

Simply put, Braveland Trilogy for Nintendo Switch isn’t a grand masterpiece like other installments in its genre. But for a retail price of only $14.99, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, more than any other platform, it seems this trilogy could benefit the best from the Nintendo Switch’s digital content service, which emphasizes indies as much as their own first-party exclusives. However, even at these lowered expectations, a dull story and repetitive gameplay never allow this collection to flourish with new life. It’s classically nostalgic of old-school RPGs, but it never doubles down on it, resulting in a rather confused batch of weakly stringed together battles. It may be entertaining for those who are willing to set aside its long list of grievances, but it unfortunately wasn’t able to hold and continuously grasp my attention. Within just an hour, the novelty of Tortuga’s collection wore off as it meandered in place and didn’t know what to do. There’s certainly a lot of content for players to chew on, but it’s hard to see any player being able to stick through these three experiences all the way through, especially when there are so many better titles to spend your hard-earned cash over.

Image Courtesy of Uber Strategies

Bringing together three RPGs to earn fresh, revived life on a new platform, Braveland Trilogy chronicles grand, fantasy adventures from genius, wizened wizards to ambitious, stubborn warriors. And while this premise is certainly intriguing, it’s nothing new or compelling for newcomers to the series, and the writers make no effort to flesh out this world. There are certainly attempts, with hard-earned crumbs of backstory sprinkled here and there. Unfortunately, these attempts are nowhere enough and result in an experience that is frankly dull. None of the main characters prove relatable and seem like a hollow shell or template, something that’s just waiting to be filled, but developer Tortuga Team unfortunately never takes the charge to fill those empty silhouettes.

But if the stories don’t relish with suspense and characters, surely the gameplay would be an outstanding, entertaining mechanic? And actually in some scenarios, it can prove to be entertaining enough as to where players won’t quit the game in under fifteen minutes. The turn-based strategy system isn’t new or innovative, but rather a simplified and more accessible version. A notable aspect that I loved was the removal of a momentum-killing intro or tutorial. Players are thrown right into the cusp of things, and it made for a lively experience right from the start, even if that momentum quickly slows to a sharp halt in later portions.