DARK PHOENIX Review Embargo Hidden at 1AM on WEDNESDAY Before Release

Sophie Turner Stars in DARK PHOENIX (Image Courtesy of 20th Century Fox)

It seems the writing has been quickly scribbled on the wall for the final Fox-branded X-Men film, DARK PHOENIX. After two chunk-sized delays, the film is finally going to hit theaters on June 7th and in fact has already screened for some press in London. However, it seems 20th Century Fox thinks DARK PHOENIX is all but a satisfying bang to end on. In a press release sent out to local and global outlets nationwide, 20th Century Fox confirmed that the review embargo for DARK PHOENIX will lift on Wednesday, June 5th at 1am EST. Simply put, it's not a good sign for the film.

Already the fact the embargo lifts on the Wednesday before release should raise eyebrows, but the additional note that it is effectively hidden late at night doesn't spell confidence at all. On the Pacific coast, that would make a lift time of 10pm, a time that has been unheard of as of late. It seems that 20th Century Fox is banking on fans showing up for the film regardless of its reviews, but a middling 50 million opening weekend projection could be a signal that it won't go the way Disney-Fox would like it to. The times may be dark for the X-Men and company as the transition from 20th Century Fox to Disney-Fox goes underway, but there's one light at the distant end of the tunnel, and that light is the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sophie Turner & Jessica Chastain Stars in DARK PHOENIX (Image Courtesy of 20th Century Fox)

DARK PHOENIX Hits Theaters on June 7th, 2019.