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Updated: Jan 20, 2019

HBB Reviews @DragonCon2018

Serving as one of the concluding reports in HBB Reviews's coverage of Dragon-Con 2018, this report will serve as an opus summary of the key events that took place this year at Dragon-Con 2018. It is divided into sections in order to provide a more organized and better flow of events. Once again, thanks to Dragon-Con Media Relations for providing me with a complementary press pass for the purposes of coverage.


Friday (August 31, 2018):

Christopher Paolini Interview (EXCLUSIVE):

"After receiving a badge in the Dragon-Con Media Relations Room...I went straight to my interview with New York Times bestselling author of the Inheritance Cycle, Christopher Paolini....It was certainly a daunting task and I found myself rather nervous and stuttering. However, thanks to Paolini's calm and pleasant demeanor, I found myself growing more confident throughout the 15-minute interview....It was a great pleasure to meet the man behind four of some of the best YA fantasy works available at the moment. Read the full interview here."


Dwarves of Middle-Earth Panel:

"Following my exploration of the vendor’s hall, I briefly traveled to the Marriott Marquis where the first panel for me, “Dwarves of Middle-Earth,” was taking place. I decided to arrive forty-five minutes early in order to secure a decent seat. However, I was shocked to see the staggering line that already existed when I arrived forty-five minutes early. When asked, these fans reportedly spent two hours already waiting for the panel just to see two supporting actors from the film in person. The highlights from the “Dwarves of Middle-Earth” panel, starring Dean O’Garman and Graham McTavish can be found here."


Costume Highlights:

"...Costumed fans swarmed around me, with some wearing clever outfits and genius taglines."

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Saturday (September 1, 2018):

Dragon-Con 2018 Parade:

"Fans from across the nation travel to Atlanta primarily for this reason. The parade is an iconic tradition of Dragon-Con and is probably its most notable aspect. Cosplayers from all different mediums, from comic books to films, were visible with most film cosplayers leaning towards representing the monumental comic book film Black Panther, released earlier this year. Trucks were recreated as living and breathing sets, creating the eerie feeling of an actual celebration and collision of fantastic worlds from inventive mediums. HD highlights from the event alongside additional details can be viewed here."


Vendor's Hall Highlights

"Following a ridiculously long line that stretched around the entire block, I finally entered the hall and was met with the same feeling of mystification and charm as the day before. I discovered several hidden gems within the hall, including UD Replicas. Exclusive pictures from their booth follow above."


Conclusion of Dragon-Con 2018:

HBB Reviews @DragonCon2018

"And with the conclusion of that panel, my experience as a reporter at Dragon-Con 2018 concluded. It was an awe-inspiring and amazing experience and rivals every convention with the United States for the passion and community that constantly comes to downtown Atlanta to support this non-profit and volunteer organization. A massive thank you goes to Dragon Con Media Relations for allowing me to cover this amazing event with a press pass and having volunteers that were always available and always helpful and smiling. This year’s Dragon Con was simply one of the most enjoyable experiences that I have had this entire year so far and I am so thankful for Dragon-Con Media Relations giving me the opportunity to have it."

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