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Continuing off with the report from Sunday, detailing Dragon-Con on Friday, this report picks off on the next day, Saturday (September 1st). Following an exhausting Friday, I found myself woven into a large crowd of costumed fans who were cheering and excited for the iconic Dragon-Con parade.


Fans from across the nation travel to Atlanta primarily for this reason. The parade is an iconic tradition of Dragon-Con and is probably its most notable aspect. Cosplayers from all different mediums, from comic books to films, were visible with most film cosplayers leaning towards representing the monumental comic book film Black Panther, released earlier this year. Trucks were recreated as living and breathing sets, creating the eerie feeling of an actual celebration and collision of fantastic worlds from inventive mediums. HD highlights from the event alongside additional details can be viewed here.

After the excited crowd finally began to disappear and seep back into the four primary hotels, I found myself cornered with what was essentially a tight schedule. I was due to attend three panels that day, including two signings of legendary authors Christopher Paolini and George Perez. Before the mayhem occurred however, I took a final trip to the second building of AmericasMart, wanting to see the incredible vendor’s hall once more. Following a ridiculously long line that stretched around the entire block, I finally entered the hall and was met with the same feeling of mystification and charm as the day before. I discovered several hidden gems within the hall, including UD Replicas. Exclusive pictures from their booth follow below:

At the vendor’s hall present was also DC Boutique, a division of DC entertainment committed to attending smaller conventions in order to promote DC Comics across all available fronts. At their booth, several gold foil variants of iconic comics were available for sale. These comics included the variant covers but also had a glossy gold back cover with a decently sized logo square in the middle.

Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment

Following a final trip through the vendor’s hall, I took a quick break for lunch and then made my way to the Hyatt Regency VI and VII where my first planned panel of the day was taking place. This panel was titled “MCU Cast: All the Feels,” and starred Benedict Wong and Pom Klementieff as moderators. While I was excited for the panel and expected heavy wait times, I did not expect the line to be forced outside of the hotel and onto the sidewalk. It was a critical error on the part of Dragon Con and had many attendees sour-faced for the nearly two-hours they spent waiting to get in to the panel. However, when the clock finally struck four, the panel finally began and it resulted in a fun, lively room that was filled with passionate fans and actors and actresses who cared about the medium and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was a delight to behold.

Image Courtesy of Alux.com

And with the conclusion of that panel, my experience as a reporter at Dragon-Con 2018 concluded. It was an awe-inspiring and amazing experience and rivals every convention with the United States for the passion and community that constantly comes to downtown Atlanta to support this non-profit and volunteer organization. A massive thank you goes to Dragon Con Media Relations for allowing me to cover this amazing event with a press pass and having volunteers that were always available and always helpful and smiling. This year’s Dragon Con was simply one of the most enjoyable experiences that I have had this entire year so far. The official schedule for the Dragon-Con 2018 coverage at HBB Reviews can be viewed here.