Dragon-Con 2019 Editorials | Artist Alley Highlight - Studio Catawampus

Photo Copyright: Samyukta Iyer

Adding to my previous article on the many incredibly gifted artists present at the Artist Alley at this year’s Dragon-Con in Downtown Atlanta, it was a very difficult decision to choose another artist to write about. Once again, I cannot emphasize how amazing and beautiful all the artwork, whether it be traditional, digital, or comics; everything was special and eye-catching in its own way. Without a doubt, people of all ages, backgrounds, and preferences can find at least one, if not more, pieces that will grab their attention.


Photo Copyright: Samyukta Iyer

After purchasing a piece in the Comic and Pop Art Artist Alley, I did not expect or think that I might be interested in another work. However, while observing the many pieces in the Artist Alley, I found one that I could not resist. The piece showed a panda hugging a unicorn, and I knew that I was going to buy (no matter how hesitant I seemed in the moment). The artist and creator of both this amazing piece and Studio Catawampus was Rebecca Flaum. It was clear that Flaum’s artwork was so unique, captivating art that even passersby will have to take a glance just to get an idea of what was there. Many of her works showed personified animals doing everything “people” activities like reading, performing a science experiment, or eating a pizza which added an almost child-like, innocent aura around her work. In addition to her actual pieces, Flaum also had several stickers with the animal characters of her work as well as a few books. She was very sweet and down-to-earth (even with my awkward shyness when I was paying), and her booth easily showed me how much effort and time she put into creating her work.


While the first artist I discussed had a more traditional approach to her art, the majority of Flaum’s work was created digitally (although she did have some more traditional pieces as well). Her overall style creates emphasis on the animal by using a brown background or just more muted colors and contrasting colors for the main creature. Flaum has a very clean, neat approach to her work (a benefit of using digital art) which conveys the amount of time it took to learn and build her skills up till this point. As an individual who has tried digital art, I can testify on how difficult it is to learn to manipulate the many brush options or create values without proper practice. While I can only hope to ever come close to her ability, it is without a doubt that Flaum has taken the time and effort to develop her artistic voice through a variety of media which is something I hope to learn from.

Flaum had a great personality and overall cheerful character that is reflected in her work, and I hope that the viewers of her artwork can see that personality continues to shine in all of her current and future works. Flaum was generous enough to allow a few photographs of her booth, but more of her artwork can be found @studiocatawampus on Instagram and studiocatawampus.etsy.com. Also, outside creating her artwork, Flaum is a tattoo artist whose Instagram is @bextattoos.

Photo Copyright: Samyukta Iyer


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