Dragon-Con 2019 Editorials | Artist Alley Highlight - Xiaoarts

Crowds, cosplay, amazing artwork, an entertaining parade, and a lot of walking are a few of the countless ways to describe Dragon-Con 2019. Taking place during Labor Day weekend in downtown Atlanta, it marked my first real fandom convention. The busy, bright atmosphere lent for an amazing overall experience, something that I will never forget. But despite all of the star-studded panels and the boisterous exhibit hall, for me personally, the one thing that stood out was the gorgeous artwork from a diverse catalog of artists in the Artist Alley.


While I truly think all the artists who were present in the Artist Alley is incredibly gifted and skilled, the first artist that stood out to me was Xiaoarts. When I passed by her booth at the Artist Alley, I came to realize that I had already been following her two drawing accounts on Instagram even before the convention, and I was extremely delighted to see some of her beautiful work. As an avid K-pPop fan, the first thing that caught my attention was the several BTS pieces that she had around the booth. However, she also had many other non-K-Pop related works (Marvel, anime, her original work, etc.) that were equally or more eye-catching as well as several key rings. One piece (a watercolor piece of one of BTS’s recent comeback songs Dionysus) I had remembered seeing on her Instagram, and I knew that I needed to purchase it. She was very sweet (even with my awkward shyness when I was paying), and her booth easily showed me how much effort and time she put into her work.


As a growing artist myself, I love seeing a variety of styles and techniques in art. Her personal artistic style really stood out to me as it is realistic, but still has qualities of more anime or manga-like drawings. Her style is very consistent throughout her works no matter the media which is a great feat on its own as developing a personal artistic voice is something that is not easily done. I was easily able to recognize her style from an Instagram post further emphasizing her ability to create an individual style that her followers can easily identify as hers. In addition, I have worked with watercolor and ink before (her main choice of media), and I know that it is extremely difficult to blend colors and create well-contrasting values as the watercolors quickly dry. Xiaoarts has really developed her artistic voice with time and dedication which I really hope to learn from in order to create and maintain my own personal style. I wish to see more of her future work as she continues to create fascinating pieces that a wide variety of audiences can enjoy and be captivated by.

Her artwork can be found on her Instagrams @xiaoarts and @fabxiao, and her YouTube account is XiaoArt.


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