Dragon-Con 2019 Editorials | Exhibit Hall Highlight - Tasty Peach Studios

Image Courtesy of Tasty Peach Studios

The company known as Tasty Peach Studios landed in downtown Atlanta this past day Labor Day weekend for Dragon-Con 2019, taking up shop in a notable booth in the exhibit hall, featuring a diverse array of their products. Their beautiful items are outstanding in terms of both quality and quantity. The company is known not only for its signature stuffed animals but also for selling charms, lanyards, etc. Not only is each and every character carefully and meticulously curated, but each one has its own line of several genres, ranging from the keychains to jumbo-sized plush figures.

Tasty Peach Studios kicked off in 2007 doing several commissions on Etsy, marking what some could see as a small beginning. But now, they have created their own line of products unlike anything you could buy at a regular department store, and they are more than eager to share it with the world. Attending many conventions like Dragon-Con 2019, accessibility is one of their key mottoes, making their diverse catalog of products available for purchase from these conventions or on their website from anywhere. Their booth at Dragon-Con 2019 was set up beautifully and simply making it easy to find what you wanted to purchase instantly. When chatting with the vendors themselves, they gushed about the convention and just how impressive this year’s event was shaping up, and I couldn’t more agree.


Image Courtesy of Tasty Peach Studios

Amidst what is easily the biggest Dragon-Con event ever, Tasty Peach Studios still found a way to make a big splash at the Exhibit Hall with their fabulous plush figures and gorgeous side items. Taking artistic and stylistic cues from anime and Asian drawings, it fits snuggly into the rest of what Dragon-Con’s top-notch Exhibit Hall was offering.


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