EXCLUSIVE Free Book Giveaway: Scholastic Away From Keyboard: Including HALO, FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY

Giveaway Runs from 12/1 to 12/12

Thanks to a partnership with Scholastic, HBB Reviews will be hosting an exclusive free book giveaway featuring Scholastic's AFK or Away From Keyboard, a unique initiative that brings gamers books about their favorite gaming franchises including HALO, ASSASSIN'S CREED, FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY, etc. AFK publishes original novels set in those universes and guide books and through this exclusive free book giveaway, YOU have the opportunity to receive a comprehensive collection of AFK titles. The official list of available titles can be found below.

HALO: Official Spartan Field Manual by Jenneth Peters and Kiel Phegley

HALO: Battle Born by Cassandra Rose Clarke

Hello Neighbor: Missing Pieces by Carly Anne West

Hello Neighbor: Waking Nightmare

Five Nights at Freddy’s Collection by Scott Cawthorn and Kira Breed-Wrisley