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Image Courtesy of Epic Games (Still from FORTNITE)

Since its conception in 2010, the YouTube channel NikxTricks has published countless videos, featuring some of the most popular trends for adolescents and the teenage youth. From parodic shorts to showcases of the iconic multiplayer game from Epic Games: Fortnite, NikxTricks has spawned a large community within the local East Cobb County population, inciting spirited laughter with nearly every new upload.

One of the examples that has made the largest impact comes from the November 2018 video: “Glitching Under The Border in Food Fight! In Fortnite,” where the author and creator of NikxTricks, Nimai Patel, employs an original and ingenious trick to take control of the raging battlefield in-game. Since then, the video has struck a notable chord with the channel’s fanbase and the entire Fortnite community as well.

Comments range from applause for Patel’s quite literal “trick” to controversy over the effectiveness of the video’s portrayal of its discoverer. Nevertheless, NikxTricks still operates strong to this day, serving as an omniscient hub for teenage minds in a variety of topics. It may not be the most impressive channel YouTube watchers come across, lacking in production values and infested in profanity, however, it’s more than a worthy side distraction for the seemingly infinite space of content that YouTube is.

Image Courtesy of Epic Games (Still from FORTNITE)

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