LEGO The Incredibles (Mac) Game Review

Editor’s Note #1: Thanks to Feral Interactive for providing a review copy.

Editor’s Note #2: This review is exclusively for the Mac port, not the game itself.

Screenshot of LEGO THE INCREDIBLES on Mac (Image Courtesy of Feral Interactive)

As noted in our analysis essay of Feral Interactive’s decade long journey with theLEGO video game franchise, Feral Interactive has had an astounding long-standing relationship with the family-centric series. From the very first LEGO Batman toLEGO The Incredibles, the developer has shown a fresh coat of polish with every release, especially judging by the quality of one of their older ports, Batman: Arkham City.

And as such, most would expect their latest release, LEGO The Incredibles, to show the stretch marks and stumbles that an overly zealous developer would have. And outside of a few crashes that did inhibit my experience from time to time, the game still surprisingly succeeds by all accounts, bringing what is one of the best installments in the entire franchise to an entirely new audience.

Adapting the stories from both The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2, LEGO The Incredibles is a fully-fledged third-person family action game, where players can explore the crime-ridden streets of Municiberg or hurl through the game’s decently-lengthed campaign. As always, the title is co-op, allowing friends and family to hop in on the fun with a second controller. Classic features from previous installments, such as “red bricks” and building new, creative structures, make an iconic appearance, with the word “incredible” seemingly being slapped onto everything.

The entirety of the campaign is enjoyable, with the comforting spin that the original developers always add, even if its effects are quickly wearing off. But even so, I only encountered a few bugs and glitches when playing the campaign all the way through, with each incident having a good chunk of time in between. None of these issues were catastrophic, with only one or two actually requiring the game to fully restart and none removing my saved progress, an issue that some of Feral’s ports face. On an interesting note, however, players kick off directly with the storyline from The Incredibles 2, rather than the original The Incredibles.

Screenshot of LEGO THE INCREDIBLES on Mac (Image Courtesy of Feral Interactive)

Moving onto the gameplay, as previously noted, it’s quite simply one of the best games of the entire series, simply because of the fresh systems it brings. Exploring Municiberg on foot or in a car, tracking down crime and putting a devastating cap on it was a constantly satisfying activity that was reminiscent of mementos from the early Grand Theft Auto games.

Massive, boss-like villains have control of each district and it is up to the player to put an end to their nefarious deeds, usually via simple combat or more layered and sophisticated missions. Repetition is something that players won’t have to worry about with this title as it is present in spades.

Screenshot of LEGO THE INCREDIBLES on Mac (Image Courtesy of Feral Interactive)

In addition, the frame rate is relatively stable and smooth. When playing it, it seemed to lock at a permanent 30 fps (frames per second), however I do expect a much higher cap should I have been playing on a better machine. Speaking of which, when trying out the game, I played the first hour on both a 2018 iMac which is compatible and considered “qualified” for the game’s system requirements and a 2017 MacBook Air which was not considered qualified, mostly due to the Intel 1.8 GHz processor being beneath the required 2.4 GHz processor.

However, even though I was playing on an unsupported device with the MacBook Air, I found the game ran surprisingly well, when the graphics settings were all turned to the bare minimum, a level of accessibility that was missing from their port of Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. But for the full, uncompromised experience, running the game on a supported system with the required specs is strongly recommended.

Screenshot of LEGO THE INCREDIBLES on Mac (Image Courtesy of Feral Interactive)

Ultimately,LEGO The Incredibles for Mac is an impressive accomplishment with very little compromise. While I personally would like to see Feral move past this quickly deteriating franchise and move on to more ambitious projects, there is no denying that the game is easily one of the best in the franchise thanks to its constant, fast-paced variety. It never ceases to impress and dish out fun to its players, creating a family-targeted, recommendable romp for Mac users.

Score: 8.1 out of 10

Two incredible films, one incredible game!

Experience the thrilling adventures of the Parr family as they conquer crime and family life through both Disney-Pixar films, The Incredibles and Incredibles 2, in a LEGO world full of fun and humor.

Explore action-packed story levels and an epic hub world, including the city of Municiberg, as you use your Super abilities to bring Villains to justice and wrestle with baby Jack-Jack’s unpredictable powers.

You can also team up with family and friends in two-player co-op to assemble incredible LEGO builds!

LEGO THE INCREDIBLES is available for purchase for macOS on Steam and the App Store.

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