Nintendo Direct @ E3 2018 Review

Today, June the twelfth, Nintendo hosted their annual E3 Nintendo Direct. Prior to the conference, Nintendo confirmed that the conference will entirely center around the Nintendo Switch release of Super Smash Bros, now titled Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and that is ultimately an accurate statement. The entire showcase, excluding Super Smash Bros Ultimate, lasts a meager twenty-five minutes with no major announcements other than the expected and leaked titles. Major titles promised from last year’s conference such as Yoshi for instance that have release windows of this year, are excluded entirely. However, similar to that of Sony’s press conference, one strong highlight is able to support the conference from being an unnecessary disaster....

Instead of hosting a traditional stage press conference, Nintendo stands as the only company hosting their E3 conference via an entirely pre-recorded video. Unfortunately, that came back to bite them this year. With a pre-recorded video, their lack of content becomes magnified with no production values on display. Major titles were excluded from this conference. Yoshi is only a minor example in a major list of titles, including the latest Metriod. In addition, very few announcements were made. The most notable of which would be the addition of the battle royale game Fortnite to the console and the release of Super Mario Party to be launched on October 5th of this year. No DLC was announced for one of their system-sellers, Super Mario Odyssey, and the DLC announcements present were small and not noteworthy. In addition, they made no new announcements regarding hardware and their online service launching in September. Updated controller cosmetic options could have been announcements and fill up this meager media showcase. In addition, the company could have answered questions regarding unspecified details about their online service including the monthly NES games available for download. But the conference is ultimately saved by one first-party exclusive hitting store shelves on December 5th this year….

Ultimately, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the one bright spot in this disappointing conference. The reveal that the title would have a roster of all the characters in Smash history sent me in a dismay of excitement. But following the hype I realized that any new guest characters from third-party franchises were missing. Having Crash Bandicoot for instance could have made the roster announcement even more exciting. Nonetheless, it was exciting and proved the amount of effort that would be placed into this latest release of the iconic series. No other major announcements came from the game other than confirmation of several expected features.

As a whole, Nintendo’s E3 2018 press conference would have been considered a disaster if it wasn’t for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. It is one of the most impressive games I have seen at E3 this year, standing shoulder to shoulder with games like Insomniac’s Spider-Man and Ghost of Tsushima. But the lack of content in this meager showcase is unavoidable and ultimately, the conference adds up to be a disappointment.

Score: 5.8 out of 10