Taron Egerton Blasts Off in Elton John Cover for Paramount’s ROCKETMAN

Taron Egerton Stars as Elton John in ROCKETMAN (Image Courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

Hitting theaters this Memorial’s Day is what has been described as the quintessential “musical fantasy.” Starring Taron Egerton in the lead role, Paramount’sRocketman follows the early years of music icon Elton John’s career, from the very highs to the very lows. Director Dexter Fletcher has promised a film that will know no bounds and will be both a loving and honest tribute to the once-in-a-generation artist. However, in addition to portraying a legend that means so much to so many, Egerton is also burdened with the task of having to sing all of John’s songs personally and without lip sync, in contradiction to how 2018’s Academy Award-winning Bohemian Rhapsody handled it.

ROCKETMAN Will Contend with the Blockbuster Success BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY (Image(s) Courtesy of 20th Century Fox & Paramount Pictures)

It’s a definite hurdle for Egerton, even though he has established himself as a remarkable tour de force with his voice in films like the animated Sing. And despite brief fragments sprinkled throughout the marketing so far, there hasn’t been a clear version of Egerton singing yet. Fortunately, that changed recently as Paramount has officially debuted the first music video for the film where Egerton sings the titular track.

Simply put, Egerton does a remarkable job here and it only spells the confidence both director Fletcher and Paramount has in his performance and singing. It’s sure to be a massive hit when it premieres at this year’s Cannes film festival as an outside-competition film and when it hits theaters for Fandango exclusive early screenings of the film on May 18th. Yes, the common tactic that many films as of late have been practicing, including Warner Bros’ Shazam!, is being repeated by Rocketman, with the window between screening and nationwide debut being an astounding thirteen days. Tickets are on sale now for the screening, however it is limited exclusively to Fandango VIP members. Fortunately, joining the program is both quick, easy, and most importantly, free. These early screenings of Rocketman will blast into a total of four hundred theaters nationwide on Saturday, May 18th.

Taron Egerton Stars as Elton John in ROCKETMAN (Image Courtesy of Paramount Pictures)