Teen Titans GO! To the Movies Movie Review

When the first trailer for Teen Titans Go! was revealed, I found myself wildly excited for the possibilities of this WB animated picture. It had seemed like DC’s interpretation on the fourth-wall-breaking Deadpool and had many fans hampering for its release. Fortunately, following an advance press screening of the film that I have just attended, the film ultimately accomplishes moderately well on its selling point. It delivers fourth-wall-breaking jokes, some even directed straight at the audience, that constantly hit and deliver constant eruptions amounts of laughter. However, while the film is charming and hilarious in both its cartoony art style and savvy humor, it can’t really decide what it is: a comedy directed at the comic book audience or a kid-friendly animated film. As a result, the film sums up to be confusing, shockingly shallow, and over-reliant of the audience’s knowledge of its source material.

As mentioned previously, the sheer brilliance of the humor cannot be understated. There are some excellent jokes on display, some even poking fun at DC’s opposition, Marvel. They keep the audience on edge and are easily the best aspect of the entire film throughout its 83-minute run time. However, the jokes aren’t entirely original. Most, if not all of the jokes, have been used sometime in either the original Deadpool or its sequel. As a result, the film comes off as funny and charming, but never causes the insane eruptions of laughter that Fox’s two bold superhero films did.

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros

In addition to the enjoyable humor, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is also faithfully respectful to its original source material. The animation style is identical to that of the original TV show and the film also features the same brash storytelling that made the show iconic for both children and fans. However, at times, it feels almost too reliant on its source material. Rather than using it as a platform to deliver outstanding jokes and sequences, the film opts for a more necessity-based approach. As the film rockets into an incredibly fast pace, any audience member who has not watched the original TV show will find themselves both disconnected from the story and jolted. The film goes at such a fast pace that it becomes nearly impossible to stay connected with the outlandish story outside of the occasional excellent fourth-wall-breaking joke. Ultimately, it discerns the storytelling, even if it is line with previous iterations of the TV show. TV episodes and films are two different mediums and it is clear that the filmmakers behind the vision have respect for the original source material. But by failing to recognize what makes film different from TV episodes, Teen Titans Go! becomes a shallow, outlandish and overall ridiculous screenplay that doesn’t ever truly justify the emotions that it attempts to display on screen.

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures

As for its actual story and plot, something truly revolutionary and unique is on display for better or worse. Within its staggeringly short runtime, the film is both ridiculous and outlandish. Predictable and foreseeable events occur at a monstrously rate, confusing new audience members but delighting hardcore fanatics. It is certainly a refreshing way