We Survivors Book Review: For the Fans of Collins' THE HUNGER GAMES

Review Copy Courtesy of L.J. Thomas Books and NetGalley

“The game was really a simple question: what would I give up to have things back the way they were? Eventually I had to limit myself, because the answer was always: anything. My hearing, my sight, any or all of my limbs. So I set the bar lower. What would I give for a day?”

-L.J. Thomas

Image Courtesy of L.J. Thomas Books

Within the science fiction genre, the number of young adult novels set in constructed dystopian worlds that shows hour our current actions could affect our imminent future has exponentially risen. We Survivors, penned by L.J. Thomas, takes a bold stab at the tradition, narrating its story from the perspective of four teenagers who remain alive after the apocalyptic event The End killed the rest of Earth’s population in waves. Initially living the lonely, but necessarily wilderness lifestyle, each of the characters work to overcome their own personal struggles while also working together to find survivors and confront a larger obstacle. Though somewhat cliché and dull at times, Thomas has beautifully created a layered adolescent dystopian novel of the youth needing to survive in a destroyed world but doesn’t shy away from dealing with mental health and regular teenage issues.

Nadia thought she was the last survivor. The last living person on Earth; but that all changed when she heard a single coming from her radio, from a person named Jake. Relieved that she was not alone, Nadia agrees to meet Jake, following several months of communication over the radio. The meeting, the first type of face-to-communication since Nadia’s father died, was the beginning of finding the reason for The End. Deciding to stick together, the two then find two more survivors, Zara and Coby, who plan to search for the reason for their survival. To find their purpose and look for other survivors, the four teenagers then begin the in