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Known primarily for its video game and film novel crossovers, adaptations, and spin-offs, Titan Books has developed quite the reputation and with it a serious portfolio of diverse divisions. They’re more than just the average fiction publishing company, reaching their hands into comics, magazines, etc. and making a massive landmark while at it, something they were more than happy to divulge at this year’s Dragon-Con 2019. Hosting a panel on Friday, August 30th with two of the company’s leading figures, countless upcoming books and releases were discussed and with many of them marking a new step for the company.

Kicking off with Infinite Stars: Dark Frontiers, an ambitious collection of space opera short stories, the two representatives from Titan Books were more than happy to discuss the November of 2019 release. Describing it as a fantastic and definitive source of the best that the space opera genre has to offer, it features some of the leading authors of the genre as they explore and crumble the tropes and expectations that space opera fans have come to disappointingly expect.

Image Courtesy of Titan Books

Throughout the entire showcase, which featured both the new and old for publisher Titan Books, it was obvious just how far of a journey the company has made in the past year. They’ve by no means strayed from releasing the movie and video game tie-in novels that gave them their reputation in the first place, in fact, they’re doubling down on it. The two representatives for the panel, following an impressive selection of upcoming fiction releases, began to discuss Gears of War: Ascendance, the prelude story to this month’s Gears 5 from The Coalition. Retaining all of the feisty spirit that gave Gears of War its name, Titan Books will release the in-depth and fully canon bridge story between the very end of Gears of War 4 and into Gears 5. It was assured that fans of the franchise and gamers excited for the new title later month shouldn’t hesitate to pick this one up.

Image Courtesy of Titan Books

As explained by one of the representatives, an official editor for Titan Books, what makes working at the publishing house so rewarding is that they get to play and tangle with countless of franchises, brands, and IPs that many editors could only dream of working with. One of these IPs is of course the Dark Knight himself, celebrating his eightieth anniversary this year. Covered at the showcase was a set of three Batman books available now, all based off lore and stories from the iconic creative minds at DC Comics. Discussed first was The Killing Joke by Christa Faust and Gary Phillips, based directly off the iconic comic book storyline of the same name. The Titan Books editor assured attendees that the new novel is faithful to the “masterpiece in its own right,” but would also introduce nuances that would increase the story’s believability in a 2019 setting, a motive not unlike that of the 2016 animated feature. Moving onto Harley Quinn: Mad Love, from writers Paul Dini and Pat Cadigan, it’s reportedly a complete biography of the “romance between the Joker and Harley Quinn.” It’s a wacky and sublime adventure that the editor spoke most highly of. Rounding off the set of Batman tie-in novels was the adaptation of The Court of Owls: The Court of Owls. Written by Greg Cox, it’s a further exploration of the iconic storyline, adding new details to flesh out the world and setting.

Continuing the showcase was perhaps the most exciting franchise that Titan Books has on the horizon: Alien. Planning multiple new, completely original and still canon novels, the glee in both the Titan Books representatives’ tone couldn’t have been more evident as they gushed about the new releases. From a new oversized book covering the prototypes of all the designs from the franchise hitting stores in September to a completely original and canon take on the lore releasing in February 2020, it’s easily where they’ve placed the most of their eggs, and by all accounts, it’s forming into a win.

After a brief discussion about their newly formed comics division, attendees were treated to perhaps the best thing any reader could be treated to…free books. Including some of their most prominent releases such as Spider-Man: Hostile Takeover, all attendees exited the panel with a free copy, leaving perhaps an even bigger grin on their face.

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