Vita Publishing Spotlight: EVER GONE - A Gorgeous Unreal Engine 4 Narrative Experience

The Unreal Engine 4 narrative interactive experience, Ever Gone, has just debuted exclusively on for free, marking the latest release from Vita Publishing. The team behind the game has worked incredibly hard to produce and realize the vision of Ever Gone which features exclusive, original music from Andreas Karlsson. An exclusive game-play announcement trailer is linked below. Remember, you can experience Ever Gone for free on all Windows-running PCs, and make sure to leave feedback for the developers directly on the page or in the Comments Section of the YouTube trailer page. Download Ever Gone for Free via Here!

The Twin Review: Engaging YA Fiction in A Thinly Disguised Thriller

Review Copy Provided by Delacorte Press and NetGalley “'Do you want to talk, Iris?' Her haunted eyes look right through me. 'I want so much more than that.'” - Natasha Preston From Natasha Preston, author of The Cellarand The Cabin, The Twin is a YA thriller that is as frustrating as it is predictable. The story begins from the perspective of a young girl who has recently lost her mother and is adjusting to living with her twin sister. Even from the start something seems off about her twin, but she shrugs it off. This was something she would later regret. As someone who is disgusted by horror or thriller films but loves the genre in literature, I had high hopes when I started reading the nov

Featuring NikxTricks: A Realm for the Adolescent Mind (*Sponsored*)

Officially Sponsored and Approved by NikxTricks Since its conception in 2010, the YouTube channel NikxTricks has published countless videos, featuring some of the most popular trends for adolescents and the teenage youth. From parodic shorts to showcases of the iconic multiplayer game from Epic Games: Fortnite, NikxTricks has spawned a large community within the local East Cobb County population, inciting spirited laughter with nearly every new upload. One of the examples that has made the largest impact comes from the November 2018 video: “Glitching Under The Border in Food Fight! In Fortnite,” where the author and creator of NikxTricks, Nimai Patel, employs an original and ingenious trick

Pixar's ONWARD Review Embargo Officially Announced

The latest tentpole Pixar juggernaut is just around the corner, coming in the form of the Chris Pratt and Tom Holland starring Onward. Fans are ecstatic to see the latest release from the renowned animation studio and for good reason. Pixar is renowned for having stellar reception to its films, from both the critics and the audiences, and it seems that Onward is speeding to continue that trend as well. The review embargo for Onward has been officially announced by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar, set for this Friday, February 21st at 12 PM EST. With its nationwide release due on March 6th, this marks two weeks between the lifting of the embargo to when audiences will crowd into theaters aroun

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